Spot UV Printing Services in Singapore- IdealCard

Idealcard is a well-known Singapore company which has been in the business of plastic card printing for over twenty years.
Have a variety of machines, a variety of materials, a variety of production processes
It has always been the pioneer in the use of precision technology not just for plastic card printing, but for car decal, window decal, vinyl sticker and other plastic products printing. Coupled with the support of a well trained and professional staff, it has consistently offered excellent products and services and believes in continuously upgrading and innovating to serve the clients better.

Spot UV


Spot UV is a printing option used to add an elegant finish and draw immediate attention to a product. It can be applied to certain sectors of the design to make them stand out, for example, a company logo or name. Spot UV business cards and spot uv postcards are a growing printing trend because it adds uniqueness to standard products.

The first thing to know is that although the designer creates the file, spot uv is a printing process. So before ordering it, the customer needs to be sure the professional printer provides such service and meets quality standards. Also, bear in mind a gloss coating is not the same as spot UV, so costs will be significantly different.